Origins and the First Few Years

First Meeting – 1979, Savannah, GA

  • The conference was seen as an opportunity to “discuss problems, exchange ideas, and promote advancement of architectural librarianship” and to meet in conjunction with ACSA.
  • Group was welcomed by the Pres-elect of ACSA and encouraged to attend events and sessions at the ACSA conference.
  • Group overwhelmingly voted in favor of continuing meeting coincident with ACSA meetings.
  • Two committees were formed:
    • Organization and Structures Committee (for organizational planning)
    • Local Arrangements Committee (for conference planning)


Second Meeting – 1980, San Antonio, TX

  • Again, warmly welcomed by the ACSA President who invited and urged AASL members to attend ACSA sessions and events.
  • Two day program included:
    • Session on preservation and conservation of southern architecture
    • Session on copyright law in academic situations
    • Panel on Administrative Problems in Academic Architecture Libraries
    • Bus Tour of San Antonio
    • Tour of UT-Austin Architecture Library and Humanities Building and Slide Library
    • Business Meeting
      • Proposed Constitution and Bylaws (discussion highlights)
        • Membership should be open
        • Dues structure should have one class and be low, unless there is a special project.
        • Title of the head of AASL should be President (not Chairman). The president will act as liaison between AASL and ACSA.
        • Regional Representatives would be appointed, non-voting members of the board
          • There was some discussion about this regional arrangement – using the ACSA Regional Profiles to organize members.  Each AASL member will be placed in their ACSA region and then each region will elect a regional director who will serve on the AASL Exec. Board.  It was anticipated that regions would hold local fall meetings.   
        • Incorporation would be in Virginia since there are 3 librarians from Virginia and one must be in attendance at the annual meeting.
      • Appointment of a newsletter editor
        • Plans for newsletter to be published three times per year and sent to all Architecture libraries associated with ACSA.  The first newsletter will include a full report of the annual conference.
      • Appointment of Local Arrangements Chairman for Monterey (1981) meeting. Discussion about whether to continue meeting with ACSA since “they choose remote places with no Architecture School of Librarian to help with arrangements.” There was consensus that we should continue meeting with ACSA “for the first couple years.”

It was noted in the document establishing AASL (The Association of Architecture School Librarians: a new professional library organization), that AASL “wishes to express its gratitude to all members of ARLIS/NA for its continued interest and recognition since AASL’s conception two years ago.  While academic architecture librarians cherish those professional library organizations in which they hold membership, the members of the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture (ACSA) have afforded architecture school librarians a unique opportunity to meet separately as a distinct library group, , and to participate in all ACSA activities.  This is a need which architecture school librarians recognized had not been met as a subgroup of other larger professional library organizations.”

Third Meeting – 1981, Monterey, CA

  • Anticipated program topics
    • Solar energy (resources, materials, etc)
    • Accreditation Boards
    • Visual Resources: slide classification schemes
    • Faculty/Librarian interaction for promoting library use
  • Regional Divisions
    • Northeast (first rep from Toronto)
    • Southeast (first rep from Gainesville, FL)
    • East Central (first rep from Columbus, OH)
    • West Central (first rep from St. Louis, MO)
    • Southwest (first rep from Fayetteville, AR)
    • Western (first rep from Eugene, OR)


Fourth Meeting – 1982, Quebec City

  • Met at Laval University – meeting included campus and city tours
  • Panel on architectural research (becomes the joint ACSA/AASL session) – panel includes 4 librarians and 1 faculty member


Fifth Meeting – 1983, Santa Fe, NM


Sixth Meeting – 1984, Charleston, SC

  • Walking Tour
  • Technical Session
    • Automated searching systems – like DIALOG
    • Bibliographic instruction advice – sharing of handouts
    • Preparing for NAAB Accreditation visits
  • Business Meeting
  • Reports of regional meetings


Seventh Meeting – 1985, Vancouver, BC

  • Technical Session will be a “Project Fair” – technology demonstrations related to computerization for reference services (DIALOG, Avery On-line, etc.)
  • AAT Update
  • Reports from VRA and ARLIS/NA Conferences


Eighth Meeting – 1986, New Orleans, LA

  • Tours of city and gardens
  • Joint ACSA/AASL Session on developing resources to support an urban design curriculum
  • Technical Session on Avery Online

Look back at AASL (the first 8 years) to assess progress, determine future goals, and re-evaluate relationship with ACSA.